Do You Want 5,000,000 New Citizens?

As you may have seen this morning, several press outlets (see this one), are reporting that Obama is planning to unilaterally grant amnesty for up to 5M illegal aliens.  In other words, he's going to bypass Congress (again) and grant this action via Executive Order.  

This would not only be illegal, it would all but eliminate the boundary separating a President from a Dictator. After all, if one man can singlehandedly nulify a country's immigration laws, what else would you call him? 

We simply cannot allow this to happen without making our voices heard. You can do that by signing up at NumbersUSA. It's a group that is dedicated to lawful and lower immigration levels. It will take two minutes to sign up, and then they'll send a fax on your behalf to your Congressional Representatives (House & Senate). As Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said, American's "must melt the phone lines in Congress" to have any hope of stopping this.

Here's the link:  NumbersUSA

Just click on the red rectangle on the right that says TAKE ACTION and fill out the form. They'll take care of the rest. 

It is imperative that those who represent us hear our voices on this critically important issue. Please sign up now and let your friends know to do so as well. It may be our last, best hope to stop this insanity.

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If Ignorance Is Bliss, Then The Zimmerman Verdict Protesters Are Like Pigs In Crap

As the leftist idiots romp around and protest the supposed racist Zimmerman verdict, allow me to add a few facts to the mix, compliments of their beloved Justice Department:

Blacks comprise just 12% of the population, yet 49% of murder victims are black. Based on the widespread media outrage at the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by a "white-hispanic", one would assume that the vast majority of African-American murders were carried out by white people. The fact is, 94% of blacks die at the hands of another black person. Conversely, only 3% die at the hands of a white person. This last fact is all the more amazing when you consider that white people constitute 75% of the US population.

None of this is news to an informed citizen, but the idiots marching in the streets (right) are completely clueless to this information. The great national disgrace is the black on black murder rate, yet it is ignored because it doesn't fit the leftist narrative of a racist white majority. However, once the rare white on black murder does occur, every media scumbag in the country is ready to whip up the morons and inflame the situation.

The entire Trayvon Martin situation is a tragedy for all involved. However, it was clearly a justified killing based on all of the evidence presented. If you're attacked, and Zimmerman certainly was based on his injuries and witness testimony, you're still allowed to defend yourself in this country.

Yet the leftists scream, "he was just a kid armed with a bag of skittles." That may be true, but do you really think Trayvon alerted Zimmerman to his age and concealed carry status before he cold cocked him in the nose and started beating his head into a sidewalk? Doubtful.

Another frequent refrain: "Zimmerman's injuries weren't serious, nothing more than you'd get in a routine bar fight." Once again, that may be true, but that's only because Zimmerman stopped the beating when he did. How many more times could his head have been pounded into concrete before it was one too many? When you're taking a beating, you don't have a crystal ball that tells you of the eventual outcome. That's why self defense in this case was justified.

If only the race hustlers, leftist politicians and the media would get out of the way and stop fanning the flames of unrest and resentment. Of course, that's just what they do. Divide and conquer.

The core strategy of all tyrants.


Happy As Much Freedom As The Government Wants To Give You Day!

I'll keep this brief.  If you happen to see anyone today showing off an Obama shirt or sticker, please pass along my regards to the ignorant moron:

If they ask why you did that, explain to them that they voted for the most inept, pathetic excuse for a leader this country has ever seen, and in all likelihood, they did so twice.  After that, explain that he is well on his way to destroying the greatest country the world has ever known by crippling our health care system, raising our taxes, curtailing our freedoms, decreasing our military strength and generally trying to turn us into a 3rd world shit hole. Tell them you just wanted to pass along your special brand of thank you for their part in making all of that happen.

If they still have questions, return to your initial greeting.


The Age of Stupid: The United States of Free Shit

After decades of struggle, the leftist machine, which includes media, political, education and entertainment elites, have finally managed to form an electorate that cares more about themselves than their country. The Takers now officially outnumber the Makers.

It's an unmitigated disaster for the Makers, but a bountiful harvest for the Takers who always want more free shit.

Think about it. For the first time in our history, more people vote for what's good for them, than what is good for us. In 50 years, we've gone from an "ask not what your country can do for you" people, to a "what the hell can my country do for me" people. The barbarians are no longer at the gate, they're standing in front of you at the polling station waiting to vote for every Democrat on the ballot. How else to stay flush with free shit?

It seems to me that we've passed a very dangerous precipice. Earnest, country loving citizens are no longer the majority of the electorate. They've been replaced by mosaic of abstract constituencies that all seem to have one thing in common. They're self-centered, single issue voters that want what's best for themselves, not the nation as a whole. People more interested in a handout, i.e., free shit, than a hand up.

I listened to GOP pollster Frank Luntz discussing the election results with Hannity earlier this week. He said what really surprised him in the exit polling was that Obama voters generally didn't care about the results a candidate achieved. They cared more about which candidate best understood their struggles. Really? The country is burning to the ground and these morons are worried about which candidate can pretend to care the most. Considering who they voted for, that lack of intellectual curiosity shouldn't be a shocker.

This post is not meant to condemn every Democrat, though I do question the sanity of anyone voting for Barrack Obama. My target is those looking for something for nothing, i.e., free shit, and the politicians who prey on these societal leeches. The other entity most ripe for condemnation is the corrupt media elite who pave the way for Democrats to behave as they please, without any fear of reprisal. They have long since abdicated their role as an objective arbiter in the American political system. They may as well be on the Obama payroll, and many probably are.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1787 that a free press is critical to a functioning Democracy. As Jefferson put it, a free press is not primarily about freedom of expression, it's about maintaining the proper basis of America government. Based on that, we no longer have a free press. We have the world's largest public relations firm operating on behalf of their client, the Democrat Party. Put another way, Obama is the mob boss and the mainstream media are his muscle to clean up messes and make problems go away. Benghazi anyone?

In the end, we must figure out how to break the monopoly that the biased mainstream media has on information dissemination in this country. Yes, conservatives have talk radio and Fox News, but the uniformed voter that Democrats target don't listen to those outlets. Quite simply, if the media are allowed to operate with complete impunity as they have over the last decade, I believe we'll be dead as a Republic before the end of this one. They've amassed too much power and influence over too much of the electorate. Until that reallity changes, welcome to our new one.

The United States of Free Shit.


Filmmaker Werner Herzog on the stupidity of Democrats (he calls them chickens)